Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Photo Challenge #1

Day 1: Self Portrait

Day 2: What you wore today

Day 3: Clouds

On the flight to the USA!

Day 4: Something green                                                                                  
Anza-Borrego Desert.

Day 5: Morning Sky
Coronado Beach

Day 6: From a low angle:

Day 7: Fruit
I love mangos!

Day 8: A Bad Habit
I always do something with my hair!

Day 9: Someone you love
I love my grandpa because he always makes jokes
and he even has a cap with my name on it, in the
picture he has the cap on!

Day 10: Childhood memory
I have so many memories at the river Isar near my home!
We always swim there in the summer!

Day 11: Something blue
That fountain is at Balboa Park. I took that picture when
it was dark.

Day 12: Sunset

The sunset at Torrey Pines Beach.

Day 13: Myself with 13 things

Day 14: Eyes

Day 15: Silhouette

Day 16: Long exposure 
A half of a heart. I tried to make it a whole one but it didn't 
work out!

Day 17 Technology

The Tesla from my Grandparents is charging.

Day 18: My shoes

Day 19: Something orange

Day 20: Bokeh

Those are the lights from the island Maui.

Day 21: Faceless Self Portrait

Day 22: Hands

Day 23: Sunflare

Day 24: Animal

Day 25: Something Pink

Day 26: Close-Up:

Day 27: From a distance

Day 28: Flowers 

Day 29: Black & White
I am looking at San Diego Downtown.

Day 30: Self Portrait
This was in a Cowboy Shop.

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